Acts of

are never okay.

By sharing your story, you'll help us better understand acts of discrimination in our community.

Report an Incident →

This is not a connection to police or crime support.

If you are in immediate danger, call 9-1-1

What this reporting portal is for:

  • Reporting incidents where there is evidence of race or hate as fuel for the situation.
  • Gathering data to determine where and when help is needed most.
  • Gathering proof and stories to educate the community about these incidents and the impact they have on victims and witnesses.
  • Getting support to those who experience and witness these incidents to reduce the impact of trauma.

Who can use this portal?

Any resident of the ACRD who is:

  • A victim of a race or hate fueled incident
  • A bystander or witness to a race or hate fueled incident
Report an Incident →

This is not a connection to police or crime support.

If you are in immediate danger, call 9-1-1

What happens to my report?

Your report will become a part of a databank that will help the community in several ways.

For instance, this network can look at where incidents are primarily happening, when they are happening, to whom they are happening, and work as a team to provide those people affected with better support or community protection.

As well, the network can provide education to perpetrators and seek to change attitudes toward race.

If requested, your report is used to provide services to you, such as counselling, support for justice, safety, and access to mediation processes.

If appropriate, your report will be made known to policing authorities so they can take action against incidents that fall under the criminal code.

Confidential & Private

Your report is confidential and will not be used to identify you in any way.

During your report, you may give contact information to the network if you request that we follow-up — for example, to receive support services, counselling, or help to go to police.

Aliases can be used for reporting but contact information when supplied must be real.

Report information is confidential and will never be shared as stories. Any use of reports as examples will remove all identifying information before being used.

**Disclaimer: It is our responsibility under the law to report to the appropriate authority any threats of violence, disclosures of criminal intent or intent to self-harm.

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